30 Days of Figure Skating

Day 12: Top 5 ladies figure skaters

1. Sasha Cohen

Set a level for gumbiness, exquisiteness, and grace. She never hit a bad spin or spiral position. It’s a real shame she never really skated two clean programs in a row.

1. Michelle Kwan

She was the queen. So consistent. Her and Sasha tie for #1.

3. Midori Ito

She was so powerful, especially for having such a small stature, which I’m sure helped her do all those huge jumps. Could easily beat out the next 20 years of ladies skaters with those jumps.

4. Tonya Harding

Like Midori, she had huge and powerful jumps. But she also had musicality and wonderful spins. She was so talented, that if she was raised better or didn’t fall back into a bad group of people, she could definitely be World Champion or more.

5. Denise Biellmann

She did jumps that were ahead of her time, and of course, I love the Biellman spin.

Others I like: Tara Lipinski, Mao Asada, Janet Lynn, Trixie Schuba, Surya Bonaly